About Sicyon calculator v5.8

Sicyon is an all-in-one scientific calculator for every student or professor, researcher or developer - everybody doing physics or chemistry / science or engineering using formulas and tables of constants. It is easy-to-use and has everything you need to calculate or investigate a function - chart, roots, min/max, integral, derivative, fit data over, etc. Sicyon calculator combines an intuitive interface and an object oriented approach to provide a fast learning curve while staying at a high level of efficiency. Sicyon calculator is a freeware under the Creative Commons by-nv-nd-3.0 licence. Here are some instructional videos: short introduction ; elements ; modes and modules part 1 & part 2 .

Screenshot of Sicyon (click on it to download the installation)

  • calculate the value of a math expression using variables and user-defined functions.
  • 'Program mode' allows you to execute script code in the main window.
  • easy access to user-defined functions (JScript™ or VBScript™ languages) by buttons organized in function boards.
  • searchable tables with various physical and chemical constants arranged in data boards (~50 of them).
  • editable spreadsheet-like user-data boards.
  • "plug-in" additional applications called tool boards, usable as objects in the script.
  • organize the boards as tabbed pages in groups with a board browser for easier access and search.
  • plot / tabulate a function in Explicit or Parametric mode. Draw many curves / surfaces on the same chart (multi-chart).
    You can combine 2D and 3D graphs, with data from user data boards or the clipboard.
  • solve nonlinear system of equations. Sicyon will find all the solutions of nonlinear system of up to 6 equations.
  • projects' collection of curves and surfaces (more than 100 of them).
  • find minima and maxima in 2D and 3D with chart.
  • find definite integral in 2D and 3D of an expression in a given interval.  In 3D - partial derivatives (∂/∂x, ∂/∂y and ∂/∂x∂y) with chart.
  • fit a curve over data set (non-linear regression)
  • fit batch of data sets to the same function and gives the fitted coefficient results and batch statistics in a table.
  • fit more than 3300 functions over a single data set and present the list of the best fitted functions with their coefficients.
  • customizable (template based) HTML reports for all math procedures.
  • use a sophisticated unit of measurement converter, same functionality as Sicyon Unit Converter
  • use matrices and matrix calculations.
  • context help on any level of organization - function buttons/ boards/groups.

    For advanced users:

  • use Sicyon as out-of-process COM server to access a scripter and most of Sicyon's features (a development kit is included).
  • create new constant boards with Data-board Utility.
  • add new units of measurement and their conversion rules from, and to SI.                marks the new features after version 4.0

Sicyon is written on Embarcadero Delphi - the greatest tool for rapid application development I know.
Sicyon (aka Sikyon) pronounced
sɪsɪən, was an ancient Greek polis (city-state). "The temple of Delphi was the seat in ancient Greece of the oracle of Apollo...One of the buildings in the sacred precinct was the treasury of Sicyon, in foundation of which were found quaint sculptures from archaic predecessors..."  I dedicate "Sicyon" to Delphi and its creators.